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We’ve created a course titled Better English Comprehension in a Week. It’s a 7 day course to help you improve your comprehension of English in a natural and fun way.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to understand fast-speaking native speakers with ease.
  • How to select the correct listening material so you don’t waste time and make progress quickly.
  • How to effectively use transcripts to gain access to English audio above your level of comprehension.
  • How to prioritise your vocabulary learning
  • The biggest mistakes English learners make and how to avoid them

The best part? You can get instant access to these methods absolutely free by entering your details below:

Who are we?

We’re Chris Parker and Teacher David: two native British English teachers with years of experience helping learners worldwide improve their English, from hobbyists and students to working professionals, executives and CEOs.

The methods we’ll teach you in this course have been tested on hundreds of students with great success.  If they’re good enough for busy executives and CEOs, they’re good enough for you too. Don’t miss out, sign up below:

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